Keys To Your Future: College and Career Readiness is a digital education program that prepares students for life after high school.

The program guides students through a variety of education and career paths, resulting in a plan that is personalized to them and is consistent with their interests, skills, and abilities.

What are you doing after high school?
How are your grades?
Have you applied to college yet?
What do you want to study?
What colleges are you applying to?
What’s your plan?

Our Mission

Too many high school students lack the necessary support, access and exposure to make informed post-secondary plans. Our mission is to simplify and demystify that process so students know they have the potential and ability to succeed in and make well-reasoned decisions about college and career.

Who is the Program For?

Keys To Your Future was created for teachers and educators to use with students in U.S. classrooms and nonprofit settings with 9-12 grade students.

See a Lesson in Action

Keys To Your Future is a comprehensive online curriculum containing six college and career readiness lessons.